Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions to training?
The minimum recommended age for training is 5 years old. We will assess potential students under 5 and if their attention span is sufficient, we will invite them to join the dojo. There is no maximum age.


Can I leave my child with you for training and come back and pick him/her up after the lesson?
No. We operate in a busy area that is fully accessible to the public. We are responsible for the safety of your child in the Training Room, while they are training. You are responsible for your child whenever they leave that room - eg to use the toilets or when the class finishes. Please never leave your child outside the Training Room if an Instructor isn't there.


How do I know if the Dojo is open?
All of our events, including dojo closures are listed on Facebook. You don't need a Facebook account to read these, just visit https://www.facebook.com/pg/meiyokc/events/ to view them. If in doubt, please contact Sensei Wolf on 07971 997710.


Do you have any other activities at the Dojo?
Yes! We get together with artists every 4th week and we all bring some food and non-alcoholic drink to share with each other. The event is free. The events take place in the same room on Friday evenings from 7:30pm onwards and you can bring friends and family. Please be aware that this is an arts session though and we expect everyone to take part. We exhibit your creations in the art space outside the room.


Do you show photos on Facebook?
Only if you've authorised us to do so on your application form. If you don't want your photo taken or shared, simply state this when photographs are being taken.


Can I train with a physical or mental health disability?
You would have to approach your GP for advice in the first instance and seek their opinion. The next step would be to come and join in at a training session to see how you cope.

Many people with mental and or physical disabilities find Karate training beneficial. I happen to be one of them. We have to have self-awareness of our limitations and train accordingly, especially as we get older and have suffered various injuries. We wouldn't expect an Elder to be able to perform techniques with the same ability and flexibility as a young person and we're mindful of people's limitations at any age.


Do you offer Free taster sessions?
Yes. Everyone gets a week of free lessons to decide whether this activity suits them. Simply turn up wearing loose track suit bottoms and a full necked T-shirt. Please ensure that you turn up 15 minutes before each lesson.


Why do you want students to turn up 15 minutes before the lesson begins?
This is to allow for administration and pre-class assessments to see who's been doing their homework. Turning up early for appointments is a good habit to put into young people. It also allows the instructor a chance to change that sessions training programme if he or she spots something that needs addressing. You should never turn up late at a training session or you will miss your warm up, which could lead to an injury. Parents are responsible for getting the younger students to the Dojo 15 minutes before the lesson begins. Please respect the time and effort being given up to teach your child (or you if you are an adult). Remember that your Instructors are unpaid volunteers.


What do I wear at training?
You will need to purchase a plain white 'gi' or karate suit. You can train in a track suit and t-shirt until you have bought a gi. You will also need to purchase protective equipment:

Groin guards
Chest protectors for females

Please note that these items are compulsory. We currently use https://www.playwell.co.uk as our suplier but you're welcome to purchase your gi and equipment from anywhere - please ensure that the Gi is plain white with no badges on though.


How often are students allowed to grade?
This will depend on your ability. From 9th Kyu to 1st Kyu (Brown belt with double white stripe) you can grade every 3 months, providing you train regularly for a minimum of 2 lessons every week. We don't accept applications for people that can't commit to the basic training requirements. We also have a limited number of training places available per class.


Are we automatically allowed to grade every 3 months?
No! It depends on how well you can perform your basics, kata and fighting skills. We also look at attendance, you won't be allowed to grade at all if you only attend 1 lesson per week or if you keep missing weeks out; we keep attendance records. Practising elements of your art at home is a crucial part of preparing for gradings. Your Sensei decides whether you have done enough work for your grading and then will put your name forward.


I have had a break in training - do I need to re-grade?
No, we don't take away grades - but ask your instructor to help you return to fitness, ability and standard in a sensible and safe way.


Can I transfer to Meiyo Karate Club from a different affiliation?
Yes! Karateka who transfer to Meiyo Karate Club from other Karate Associations may retain their current grade. You must be able to produce a valid grading record/licence book and certificates where appropriate.


Are you looking for Instructors to join your Dojo?
Yes! It is our hope that the Dojo will continue to operate in the future. We must therefore always be looking for Instructors that have the personal attributes that reflect this Dojo's ethics and standards. If you're a Shodan or above and would like to help teach our students, please contact Sensei Wolf direct on 07971 997710. We will pay for any necessary training and your DBS checks for you.


How do I obtain/renew my licence?
Simply contact your Sensei.


Why is it so cheap to train with Meiyo Karate Club?
This dojo is a Community Project and is run as a 'Not-For-Profit' organisation and has been since 2012. The Instructors are not paid and the money is held in the dojo's account to pay for running costs and any necessary training. Our Management Committee do a great job running the Dojo too and are also all volunteers. Tesco allow us to use their Community Room and as a way of honouring that, we lowered out training fees. We believe that hard work should be rewarded. The weekly subscription is based on £5 a lesson for people over the age of 8. You pay £10 a week but get your 3rd lesson free. Children aged between 5-7 only pay £5 for a week of training.

We commit our time and energy towards an activity that we consider beneficial for people of all ages in an effort to do something for the 'Greater Good' of society.

What are the belt colours for Meiyo Karate Club?

JKR Rank Struckture - Karate Belts

Rank Belt Color Time before next rank testing Rank Belt Color Time before next rank testing
Recruit White          
        Nidan Black 2 Years
9th Kyu Yellow stripe 3 Months   Sandan Black 3 Years
8th Kyu Orange 3 Months   Yondan Black 4 Years
7th Kyu Green 3 Months   Godan Black 5 Years
6th Kyu Blue 3 Months   Rokudan Black 6 Years
5th Kyu Purple 3 Months   Nanadan Black 7 Years
4th Kyu Red 3 Months   Hachidan Black 8 Years
3rd Kyu Brown 3 Months   Kyudan Black 9 Years
2nd Kyu Brown one stripe 3 Months   Judan Black (no higher ranks)
1st Kyu Brown 2 stripes 6 Months